Art & Sound

Score for Icosahedron.
Cotton crochet detail.
Water and oil at 33.8 Hertz.


  I use photography, installation, sculpture, video and/or sound to explore the experience of resonance, or what can be described as attunement or  ‘shared feeling.’ Whether attained through listening to music, looking at pattern, or feeling sonic frequencies, I am interested in facilitating a resonant experience. Influenced by physics, metaphysics, biology and anthropology, my work serves to inform and educate while reminding of the pancultural uses of sound and pattern throughout time. Combining craft with fine art, visuals with sound, art and science, I am interested in the intersections of concepts, processes, and disciplines and the new ideas generated by such pairings. I also create original compositions for art installations, film, and dance. For examples and details, please visit my project and sound pages.


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