hash browns


‘holy hell’ I muttered as I flipped this baby over. After years of always effing it up…


braised Brussels w/ kimchi & Caesar dressing


While I’m a self-admitted health food nut now, I wasn’t always and never had Brussels until the age of 30. -Not impressed. I found myself thinking about them for the last 2 years. Two years it took me to figure out they were telling me to eat them. Glad I finally wisened up. This is now lunch or afternoon snack. From sugar addict to this – it can happen to u, 2.


house bread

1 T sugar, 1.25 t yeast, 1.25 c h20, 1 T oil, 3+ c bread flour, 1 T buckwheat flour, 1T millet flour, 1 T dark rye flour, 1.5 t salt


2.5 loaves/week = 130 loaves/year : getting good at this


toasted kasha w/ milk


secret culinary weapon for nutritionally sound children & stomachs returning to food



1T gelatin, 1/4 c juice, 1/4 c hot h2o, 1.5 c juice


sorry if ur vegan, but gelatin is so good for the bod, and I’m glad it can be healthy, too. This way, you can rap highplainsdrifter while you watch your gelatin bloom.



montreal style


While watching my friend Paul make bagels at 5 am in PDX one particularly dreadful mid-winter morning 20-something years ago I thought, ‘why the hell am I here?’ Now I know. He taught me how to swing the bagel around your finger. Not too much, not too little. Look at me now, Paul!