R I N G   B A N D S

~hand-stitched with needle and thermally bonded bead weaving thread~


B e a c h T i m e

size 11 opaque & translucent beads in turquoise, yellows, blues, greens, burgundy, pink

(rings without hot pink are available for all u haters 🙂


W a t e r m e l o n G r a p e

size 11 matte glass beads in purple, pink, green, and white


S t r i p e y s

size 11 opaque and iridescent glass beads in 2 subgroups

Lakeside (L): blue, turquoise, pink, and purple

purple, turquoise, clear: aquA


$ S I Z E S $

 A d u l t s            

standard ring sizes + 3 heights:

S: 1.6 cm $18

M: 2 cm $20

L: 2.3 cm $22


K i d s

standard ring sizes + 1 height:

K: 1.6 cm $16


h o w   d o   i   b u y ?

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