Buckwheat. Heart leaves, self-sowing, makes kasha, feeds bees. xxo



Do you covet plants, like me? I thought about creeping Veronica liwanensis (speedwell) for years, jealous by other gardens with a successful patch. Placed on the north side of a young maple, there’s no stopping her. Native to the mountains of Turkey.




Windflower, or Anemone globosa, grows in my freakin’ backyard and everything about my life is coming together. This stuff clusters like a mother and makes pretty pink puddles in the green grass. I love these babies; they are so beautiful when they go to seed.



This was from my second season of growing garlic, and this is what happens when you plant your garlic too late in the spring, ie after hard frost.



Blue corn is special and close to magic. There’s not much you can do to convince me otherwise.



Introducing my new favorite thing: hops. This one is Nugget and grows on the east side of our house; growth here took about two months.



This little sprig of a thing has a will beyond its size. This is a story of plants using people for their own gain. The seed of this plant found its way to this dry, unloved spot, and started growing whether or not we were going to care for it. My son and I argued about what it could be: he was right.